Informations about company

Welcome to our online shop.

Kopromed is the private company.
For 32 years we have been specializing in knife production of the following types: hunting, fishing, tourist, folding, as well as cutlery set in natural deer horn, wood and decorated using electrochemical method.

Highly alloyed stainless steel used for knife production allows the blades to achieve hardness of 57-58 HRC what assures the knives high durability.

The first our knives – items 1 to 6 are blacksmith and die forged. Only few company around the world use this difficult and original technology.
This method is similar to ancient and medieval process of sword making.

We are offering You very wide range of knives with different shapes, size and handles. In our offer there are knives for everyone – very cheap and very expensive (knife with silver handles costs even 250 Euro especially for collectors).

Our most expensive engraved knife made by goldsmith was sold in the USA for 3000 $.

The blades of our knives are ground and polished up to bright, mirror – like gloss or they have mat finish. The markings on blades, both our logo and hunting or fishing pattern, are impressed electrochemically and they do not wear off.
We especially put our effort into knife handles which are set in natural deer horn, African wood, rubber, lignofol and silver.

Cutlery is important part of our production. Using modern technology for cutlery production effects in much interest of those who like beautiful and unique things.
The rest of our articles is made in one or few pieces together in co – operation with artists who specialize in horn, silver and leather carving.

Steel of extremely high quality, an original technology, accuracy and precision in manufacturing and remarkable esthetic value add to the extremely high quality of the knives.
The quality has been confirmed by the users as well as by testing and examination performed by many renowned companies in Europe, USA and Poland.

We can realize big export to such demanding markets as: USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, as well as the majority of European countries, among which the biggest customer is Germany.

The fast development of our export is possible thanks to:
- our representative in the USA which is KOPROMED USA Company, in Germany which is Baszak Company,
- our renowned customers: Frankonia, Kettner, Grube in Germany, as well as Buck, Case in the USA.

I’m convinced that our KOPROMED Online Shop will enables You shopping and makes contact with us much easier. I hope that using our knives, cutlery and the rest of our products will give You a lot of satisfaction.

the owner
Janusz Czajka